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Villagi di festa italiana!

Explore the Villages / Villaggi of Festa Italiana!

Pizza Margherita

Festa Italiana Food Village
A Taste of Italy!

Feel like you are taking a stroll through Little Italy with the scents of sausage-and-pepper sandos and fried dough.  Visit one of our many authentic  vendors and enjoy Italia in the form of crispy cannoli and cold gelato!  

Current Food Vendors include:

Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

Italian American Heritage Society of Birmingham 

Tre Luna Bar & Kitchen

Uncle G's Pizza

Da Big Italian

Pazzo Big Slice

D&M Snow Cones of Alabama

Vecchia Pizzeria & Mercato

Graffeo Brothers Sausage

Cafe Iz, LLC

Carrabbas Italian Grill

Arnone's Italian Sausage

Slice Pizza & Brew


Nor-Joe Imports

Dryft Coffee

Festa Italiana Villaggio Culturale
Experience Italy!

Villaggio Cuturale, Presented by the Tortorigi  & Traina Family is a meticulously crafted replica of a quaint Italian village nestled under twinkling lights and adorned with beautiful Italian imagery and a grand fountain at the heart of the village. Visitors will encounter a church, a bakery, a museum & more. There will be information about starting your ancestry research and dual citizenship.


As you stroll around the village you will be entertained by our Italian singers, our accordion player, our juggling jester and don't forget to get a selfie with Mona Lisa.  


La Musica d'Italia
The Music of Italy!

The Main Stage, Presented by Coca Cola Bottling United, will feature a diverse array of Italian musical styles which are an iconic part of the Italian Identity! Featured performances include:


The University of Montevallo Jazz Band

Plays the Italian Greats


Ross Gagliano

The Music of Italy

Encore Dance

Presents a Day in Italy


Ken Gilmer

The Best of Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin

Razz Ma Tazz

Featuring Frank Ranelli, Mayor Frank Brocato and Tommy Vacarella singing the  Che La Luna!

The Sugo Showdown

Do you think your sugo is the best in Birmingham?  If you think you have what it takes then please click on the link below to join the competition.

Space in the competition is limited so please register early.  All team/individual competitors are expected to arrive at the Festa with their sugo entry, in a crock pot or warming container of their choice, by 3:45 PM.

Please provide enough sugo for 5-6 people to taste.
Sugo must be served hot/warm to the judges.
You are welcome to serve your sugo with pasta or bread, but only the sauce will be judged.
Judging will begin at 4:15 PM.
Judging criteria will be emailed to all competitors upon the approval of their registration.
Winners of the cook-off will be announced on the main stage at 7:10 PM.
Teams/Individuals do not have to be present to win, but it is highly encouraged.

Who will win the best sugo title - 3 (1).jpg

Bocce Ball Tournament

Space is limited for tournament. Play begins at 3:05 sharp!
Bocce Ball is an Italian lawn bowling game where the object of the game is to roll a brightly colored ball closest to a smaller white ball called a Pallino. The rolled ball is measured to record how close it is to the pallino. Closest ball wins the game.


We will have two courts: one for the tournament and another for those who would simply like to try their hand at Bocce Ball.

Our tournament will be a singles tournament.  Contestants must be at least 12 years old. Each match will consist of up to three games with each player rolling two balls per game.  Closest ball wins the game.  First to win two games is the match winner. The winner of the match advances
to the next tournament round. There is no charge to enter.  Winner and runner-up will receive trophies.

"Spina Stomp"
Grape Stomping
presented by Sam Spina Importing Co.

For centuries grapes were picked by hand and grape stomping was the method used to extract juice from the grapes which were then used to make wine. It is believed that grape stomping goes back as far as Rome in 200 BC.  We won’t make wine from our Grape Stomp, only FUN!


Stomp competitions take place on a raised platform near the Water Tower and Small Stage of Festa on Saturday.  The first heat takes place at 3:55 PM. Our Emcees will be the awesome hilarious duo of Louis Ardovino and Abe Boackle, two locals known for their flavorful commentary!

Each team consists of a Stomper and a Swabby (helper). The teams compete against their rivals to create and collect as much grape juice as possible in a messy and frenetic 3-minute stomp! Participants, be ready to jump in with both feet and make some vino! Your rules are as follows:

Stompers must use bare feet.
Only one team member may stomp at a time.
Each four-minute heat allows 3 minutes of stomping and 1 minute of juice collecting.
A five-gallon jug is used to collect the juice.
The collected juice is measured by the judges, encouraged
by the audience, of course!

Artisanal Store

Festa Italiana MercatoMarketplace!

Come take a stroll through our Mercato (Market) and see the essence of Italy come alive through an array of merchandise! Explore our marketplace filled with tantalizing foods, exquisite jewelry, artisanal soaps, premium olive oils, stylish clothing, decor, accessories and much more. There is sure to be something for everyone so come ready to shop! Immerse yourself in the rich culture and diverse offerings while indulging in the finest Italian goods all around the festival!

Current Merchandise Vendors include:

The Italian Cookie Company

Elemental Designs

Walk the Way Pilgrimages

Happy Links

Cottage Industry Soap Company

De la Cruz and Beauty Studio by Elvia

Be the one by Berenice

Joyful Bird Design

Gina Falletta

Designs by gg decatur 

The Fro Co


Rami Awwad

Vita Pacifica

Simply Infused Olive Oil Shop

Soaps of Healing Properties

Just Lenx

Emily's Heirloom Pound Cakes

Costa Olive Oil

American Wholesale Distributors

Two Families

Office of Global Education, College of Human Sciences, Auburn University

BottleCrafts by Linda

Lasagna Love

Annabelle’s aka The Hat Bar

Oh My Sweetie

Indigo Soul

And More to Come!

Villaggio dei Bambini
Children's Village!

Festa Italiana is family affair, and that means there will be plenty of entertainment for the little ones...all kinds of hands-on activities in a special area just for kids!

Activities include arts & crafts, face painting and original art painted by the children! Mr. Bill the Balloon man will be on hand with his balloon art too. There will be lawn games complete with prizes. Don't forget to take your family photo in front of our beautiful Venice backdrop. So much to do: bocce ball, a big inflatable, and some special surprises!

With all of this fantastic fun, your little ones are sure to find something to keep them happy!

Children Playing on Bouncy Castle
Street Parade
St. Joseph Procession

The Annual Procession honoring St. Joseph is a cherished Italian tradition, filled with reverence and community spirit. Led by altar servers bearing the cross, a priest and deacon guides the procession, followed by the solemn paseo carrying the statue of St. Joseph, lovingly carried by The Knights of Columbus. Amidst the haunting melody of dirges and the recitation of the litany of the saints, villagers don their traditional attire, joining in the procession with heartfelt devotion. Bringing joy to the occasion, children dance along, celebrating the beloved saint and the bonds of faith and culture that unite us.

At 5:15 during the Festa, watch as our very own procession is accompanied with musicians, singers, dancers and all who wish to join in!

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